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My FAVORITE Anti-VIRAL Supplement (& other steps to boost your immune system)

Frankly, this sucks.

People are sick, being forced to part with their loved ones, losing their incomes ( 3.2 million laid off in one week!! Oy. ), and most all of us are feeling pretty lost and helpless.

Personally, I haven’t seen a patient in two weeks. I’ve made it my purpose in life to support others’ health, especially in times of need.

So if there’s one word that I would use to define my personal experience right now, HELPLESS would 100% be it!

It’s this feeling that comes in waves, a restless almost anxious feeling that “I should be doing something right now.”

So…here it is, my something that I feel I can do.

I present to you my list of the steps I am currently taking to stay healthy (besides the whole social isolation thing and the 20 seconds of lathering):

Please note: there is no absolute answer when it comes to this virus. As the news says, it’s “novel” - we don’t know exactly how it behaves or what it responds best to, but these are some options to support you and your body’s efforts to stay healthy.


The what: place 3 slices of lemon in a mug, pour hot water over it - and drink up.

The why: lemons are very high in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that fights off free radicals in the body...

Making them a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory food.

When the water is warm enough (over 25 degrees Celsius), it can kill viruses. So consume as many warm liquids as you fancy - soup, tea, even just hot water!

Bonus points: lemons can also calm swollen mucus membranes (where viruses like to latch on to), regulate high blood pressure, support the kidneys, and so much more.

The what: Lauricidin is a CHAMP when it comes to fighting viruses & also helps balance our body’s gut flora!

The healthier the gut, the stronger the immune system! I make sure to take it 3 times a day & so too are my boyfriend and mom!

Lauricidin contains a compound called monolaurin & monolaurin is what our body produces when we eat coconuts!

We would have to take 12 tablespoons plus of coconut oil per day to get the amount of monolaurin contained in Lauricidin. These little pellets are super potent, and I'm personally tired of swallowing pills so I really enjoy the pellet form.

The why: Coronaviruses are “enveloped,” which means they are protected by a fatty layer that keeps the protein core of the virus happily cocooned, all safe and sound in its happy little blanket of fat.

When we wash our hands, the soap cuts through and destroys that big bad fat layer, and the virus collapses.

But how can we do that inside our bodies?

Monolaurin is amazing at this, research shows that disintegrates the greasy envelope, effectively collapsing the viral core! Studies also show that monolaurin inhibits virus maturation and prevents the virus from attaching to our body’s cells.

Order here: (these are available on Amazon, but there are reports of fake poor quality imitations on there, so I've provided my personal link here - as a bonus, your purchase is supportive to me during this tough time, as I receive a small commission for each purchase. Help me help you help me :)


The what: Move, breathe, get fresh air, meditate, connect with the people you love! Also - yes, you guessed it - get lots of delicious sleep! This is a big catch-all category, basically with the message of "take care of yourself!!"

Take 10 deep breaths several times throughout the day, use weights/water bottles/resistance bands to get an at-home workout (tons of free online guidance - the Betty Rocker on youtube is one of my personal favorites for a brief impactful workout), meditate, stretch, GET OUTSIDE (away from people yes, but outside nonetheless). Also highly recommended: face time with your favorite people - it's entirely different than just a phone call - when you see the person's face, it really feels like you're spending quality time together.

Use this time as an opportunity to be creative, to slow down.

The Why: All of these practices increase dopamine (your happy hormone) levels, reduce stress hormones, and definitely supports a stronger immune system!


The what: If you're experiencing headaches (understandable), muscle pain, or any other kind of discomfort...and attempts to relieve it such as stretching, increasing your water intake, using muscles rubs, taking a bath, or applying essential oils are not working, you may decide to take an over the counter pain reliever.

At this time, for INTERMITTENT or occasional pain relief, Acetaminophen based products are preferred over NSAID’s.

***CAUTION: Large acute doses and chronic use of acetaminophen can cause severe liver damage. Please take sparingly. To learn more, enter the terms "Tylenol" & "NAPQI" in to google.****

The why: NSAID’s (ibuprofen is the main one) can lower your ability to fight off this virus.

Additional note: if you are experiencing migraines - I know you may not want to try it, but omit caffeine for several days and see how it goes. You may be very pleasantly surprised!

If you have ANY questions, e-mail me at donna@leaflineacupuncture or text me at 914.393.0105 and we can set up a call.

I’m happy to help however I can.

- Donna Harpaz AP, DOM

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