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I suffer from idiopathic scoliosis and have a lot of pain associated with it. I've done physical therapy, massages, etc., but nothing has helped me as much as Donna has. She tailors each session to my needs and mixes acupuncture and cupping and massage. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!! - Hanna

Donna is truly amazing! I came to her as a newbie to acupuncture, as I had tried everything else under the sun to relieve my neck and back pain from an accident in 2013. I was not sleeping, low energy, and in constant pain. After only a couple of visits my neck pain was FINALLY starting to be alleviated, thanks to Donna and her care.
Donna uses more than just acupuncture when treating her patients, she practices craniosacral, cupping, and chinese herbs in combination.
Donna really takes the time to asses your needs to find the best possible solution, all while being caring and sensitive to your needs as well as any concerns about the treatment etc, she is always happy to explain exactly why and what she is doing.
I am happy to say that I am now sleeping through the night again for the first time in probably a year, and I am no longer in constant pain. Acupuncture is an incredible form of self care, and Donna is honestly the best option her in south florida to provide you with the care you need.  Thank you SO much Donna! Beyond grateful for finding you! - Ashley

Donna is a gifted practitioner that truly cares about her clients. She sees the whole person and treats the whole person. I am getting help from her and I am VERY happy with the results. - Shirly

I had been receiving acupuncture for many years before I met Donna. My previous experiences were always mediocre. The experience I had with Donna was beyond anything I had ever expected from acupuncture. Her attention to detail and passion allowed me to realize the full healing potential. Her work is her passion and it shows in the results... Highly recommend her. Office is very comfortable and clean and I am a stickler for cleanliness. - Jason

I am so incredibly thankful for Donna. I went to her for a few things, one of them being a very bad case of RLS. It had been almost a year that i had a good nights sleep because of it. When I first sat with Donna she made me feel so at ease. Her presents alone has a calming, trusting effect. We talked in depth and went over some options and then I had my first acupuncture session. I went home and took her dietary advise. I never slept so good! I was so thrilled i had to text her the next day... she responded with kind words and I was hooked. I continue to go back for sessions on other issues and I am so thankful.... I has been about a month and sleeping like a baby. I highly recommend Donna. - Ashlie

She is absolutely amazing!! I can't thank her enough!! She made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. I definitely looked forward going to every session. She has helped me both mentally, physically, and has provided such personal care. I even moved out of town and she has continually kept in touch with me and how I was feeling. I couldn't recommend her any more!! - Michelle

I can't say enough about the level of care Donna gives her patients. She is kind , compassionate and very knowledgeable in how to treat pain. She goes above and beyond, very attentive and I never feel rushed. I always leave feeling so much better than before I arrived. I am so thankful Donna found me!!! - Rebecca

Donna is phenomenal! She is very thorough in her practice...she has a wonderful personality is easy to talk to and most of all she listens! I leave her office always feeling rejuvenated with more energy and all my aches are relieved. She is truly amazing at her craft. Thanks Donna for all you do! - Terra

Amazing angelic hands!  When i went to Donna's office, I was suffering from a chronic back pain that didn't allow me to sit, stand, walk, sleep.  I was out of my mind with pain. When i walked into Donna office her beautiful smile and greeting was so heart warming that i knew i was going to be in good hands Donna with her magical hands and her experience took her time with me and worked in such a compassionate way that i relaxed just laying on the medical bed.  When she began her treatment. Her soothing voice helped me to let loose and let her do what she is super qualified. At the end of my treatment i was able to sit up alone on the table..get dress and walk pain free.. Donna god bless you .it's been 5 hours since my first visit and i am still pain free. And can finally breathe. 


You are an angel and i highly recommend you to all my friends and family.   Gratefully, Seryna.

I’m a “newbie” when it comes to acupuncture but decided to try it when my hip pain became unbearable. I had heard positive things about the treatment so I started doing my research. I read bios and reviews on several acupuncturists in the Boca area and once I read about Donna – that was it, she was the one! I could tell just from her background and bio that she was very passionate and really cared about helping people. What more could you ask for?


Honestly, I didn’t know quite what to expect but after my first appointment, I was not disappointed! She spent a long time with me asking about my medical history, eating/sleeping/living habits to get a good sense of who I was. In addition to acupuncture, she used a few different techniques on me and I could definitely feel a difference in my hips when I left. Needless to say, I was very pleased and continue to see her.


For anyone who is considering acupuncture, I urge you to see Donna. You’ll not only feel better, you’ll start taking steps to better enhance your life. And you may even make a new friend! - Tamra

I am blown away by the personalized care she provides! I have been seeing acupuncturists my whole life but have never had such a positive experience. I am on to my fourth session and have never felt so wonderful. She integrates acupuncture and other forms of natural healing to truly care for every emotional and physical part of your body! Most importantly she has put my mind at ease after several bad experiences with traditional doctors. Thank you Donna for such a wonderful experience and for bringing me back to life! - Diana

Donna was fantastic! She did a complete and thorough assessment and was extremely kind as well as patient. Donna went above and beyond what any other acupuncturist has done in the past...she was massaging areas of pain as well as some cranial sacral maneuvering! Overall, the experience left me feeling tremendously calm & almost pain free! Donna is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! - Terra

"Donna is a true healer. I was battling a vicious knot in my back that I could not get to quiet down. Within moments of being in her care, the pain began to dissipate and my muscles began to relax. She treated me with skill, her depth of knowledge was immediately apparent, and I finally found relief. I would recommend her healing touch to anyone, anywhere." - Jenna

"Working with Donna has been a very positive experience for me. She has had a noticable impact on my physical pain as well as my ability to get sound rest. Given the fact that I have never used alternatives to traditional medicine, I am impressed with the level of care and compassion I was treated with. I have no doubt that Donna has my best interests in mind. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone." - Dylan

"I recently moved from NY to Florida, and after lifting so many heavy boxes, I found myself suffering from sciatic pain and plantar fasciitis. I didn't want to take pills and incur the side effects, so I decided to give acupuncture a try. After the second treatment, my pain subsided considerably and I was finally able to sleep at night! I was elated! Donna is extremely professional, compassionate, and gentle, and I would recommend her to anyone who prefers the natural approach." - Miriam

"I've been to different acupuncturist off and on over the last few years just trying things out to see how I felt before and after treatments. I found Donna about a month ago and have been more than impressed with her as a person and with her work. She genuinely cares about what's going on with you physically and emotionally and what she can do to help alleviate any and all problems. I have done multiple sessions, of acupuncture and cupping, for multiple concerns and can honestly say I feel the improvements everyday. I didn't really have any expectations going in, but I'm definitely going to be a life long client. Highly recommended and glad I stumbled upon her practice." - Cody

"I was super skeptical and tried this as a last resort to trying to balance all my doctor visits. It seemed like a never ending cycle of visits and copays. I suffered from chronic migraines, I was moody, and just felt bad physically. I honestly didn't think I would feel anything. After the first visit I was amazed at the improvement and I continue to feel amazing. I haven't been to the doctor in 2 months after the suggestions from Donna. She helps me balance my body and live more in the moment. I am now 100% more balanced physically and mentally and live a much better quality of life." - Jessica

I was in Florida on vacation with my family, a vacation that was planned long ago and that I was very much looking forward to. Unfortunately, I was suffering from urinary urgency and frequency on the days leading up to my trip. I was treated with antibiotics before the vacation, but the problem continued and really interrupted my vacation. I was referred to Ms. Donna Harpaz, and after the first treatment I felt much better, and after 3 meetings she succeeded in solving my problem. Thanks to her professional and most pleasant treatment I enjoyed my vacation and returned back home to Israel in good health. - Caroline

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