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Give the Gift of Acupuncture !

Show your love and appreciation with the gift of holistic healing through Chinese medicine!  All sessions include any combination of the following modalities, as needed: acupuncture, cupping, Craniosacral therapy, and Chinese herbal remedies.  To learn more about any of these therapies, click here.  We've listed our most popular new and returning patient options below for your convenience, but customized amounts are also available. 

Once you choose your option and check out, please feel free to contact Donna at 914.393.0105 or email her at  Feel free to reach out with any questions!  

For New Patients

During this 90 minute introductory session, we will discuss your health and wellness goals, health history, and end with an with the initial treatment (which may include any of the modalities listed above).  

This package includes the 90-minute intro visit, as well as 3 additional one-hour follow up visits.  As the effects of acupuncture are cumulative, this is a great way for the patient to get a real sense of whether they feel they can benefit from adding acupuncture treatments to their health and self care regimen.  Great for muscle pain, headaches, stress management and insomnia, TMJ, etc.

Scent Oils

For ReturningPatients

This one hour session is great for return patients who need acute pain relief or stress reduction. 

Three one-hour sessions for return patients who'd like to kickstart start the body's healing process, be it for pain relief, vertigo, insomnia, anxiety, etc.   

Five one-hour sessions for return patients to address the root cause of imbalance and deeply promote healing, be it for pain relief, vertigo, insomnia, anxiety, etc. 

Click above to be directed to the next screen, which will allow you to choose a specific dollar amount that suits your wishes.  Please note, the minimum $ amount is $100, maximum is $1000.  

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