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I love tea - I love the ritual of preparing it and the sensory experiences that go along with it - smelling the plants and spices , watching the water infuse with color, and of course tasting the flavors.  I also love the feeling of the hot mug in my hands, and the way this whole process simply slows me down and urges me to exercise patience and presence.  Lest I burn myself haha - a lesson I've learned many times over when I'm not quite as patient as I need to be...and one I'm sure I will continue to learn over and over!

About 7 years into practice, I decided to share my love of tea and herbal medicine with others.  I started with my direct patients, and have since decided to expand my reach.   


I spent years studying Chinese herbalism in my graduate program, then watched those same formulas enrich my patients' lives. Throughout my years of practice, I've expanded also learned about Western Herbs & Ayurvedic ones as well. The teas you see below  are an amalgam of my Chinese herbal knowledge with my Western & Functional Medicine.


The Cycle Syncing Collection is a tribute to women as divine superhero Creators. Since our bodies are designed to create life,t he daily rhythm of a menstruating woman is nothing like a man's. Her body is different each and every single day - hormones are CONTINUOUSLY in flux, meaning the following will also vary through each of the four portions (menstrual, follicular, ovulation, luteal) of a woman's cycle:

  • Mood

  • Social Tendencies (introverted/social/flirty)

  • Workout Strengths

  • Thinking Processes (creative/detail oriented/analytical)

  • Cholesterol

  • Insulin Sensitivity

And more!

....more to come...this page is a WORK IN PROGRESS!  Teas NOT YET available for purchase! Please ignore random assortment of completely unrelated products below ;)  Thanks for your patience <3

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