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Facial Rejuvenation Treatments at Leafline Acupuncture

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The emperors of ancient China were consumed with the idea of immortality, wishing for a life of everlasting youth. Elixirs were concocted, herbs ingested, and acupuncture - both on the body and face -  performed.


Using needles for cosmetic purposes - acupuncture and microneedling -  is not a modern concept, but indeed has gained popularity in recent years as people increasingly seek less invasive, more natural options to keep their skin looking vibrant and healthy. 


Cosmetic needling treatments capitalize on your skin’s dynamic nature by hacking its repair system and triggering it to revert back to the ways of its youth.  Safely and naturally, these treatments reduce signs of aging to give you a more youthful and vibrant appearance.  Without surgery, botox, or chemicals.  

MICRONEEDLING (aka Collagen Induction Therapy)

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Microneedling, aka Collagen Induction Therapy, is a minimally invasive and natural procedure that utilizes tiny needles to give you more youthful and rejuvenated skin. Sterile needles are introduced into the skin’s surface layer, creating controlled micro-channels that trigger the skin’s incredible repair system.  The body’s inherent self-healing wisdom kicks in and begins reorganizing old collagen fibers, laying down new collagen and elastin, enhancing the overall texture and appearance of your skin!


Whether your skin has texture to it due to large pores, acne scars, or fine lines, microneedling is helpful. Used appropriately, it offsets the aging process and keeps skin refreshed and younger looking, no matter how far along you are in your life journey. People as young as their mid-20s can start getting treatment for preventative measures.






Microneedling Excels at Treating: 

  • Fine Lines, Wrinkles, & Loose Skin

  • Skin Tone & Age Spots

  • Hyper-pigmentation (including stubborn melasma) 

  • Overall Brightness & Hydration

  • Redness & Skin Irritation

  • Texture & Pore Size

  • Skin Lesions, Scars, & Stretch Marks

MICRONEEDLING WITH DONNA @ Leafline Acupuncture 

The microneedling approach at Leafline Acupuncture is a holistic one, with the viewpoint that beauty and skin should be approached both from the inside & outside!

Donna approaches skin health (and all health) holistically, always digging deeper to the root causes behind skin blemishes such acne and melasma.


She may recommend dietary modifications or supplements to help support glowing skin from the inside out.  While she does offer microneedling without it, she prefers to do microneedling in conjunction with acupuncture!  The acupuncture supports the hormones, digestion, and nervous system - all important aspects of a healthy outer glow!

Donna loves how minimally invasive microneedling is!  It's a relatively gentle approach to re-surfacing our skin.

Besides inducing changes in skin tissue proteins, microneedling technology helps us FEED the skin. 

The procedure has the added benefit of increasing the skin’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients by up to 3000 percent!  Instead of 7-10% absorption, 80% of product is absorbed.

So as you can imagine, quality of skincare products used is extremely important.


Donna uses a base of pure Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for its camel-like ability to hold over 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells!  When HA penetrates this deeply, it’s effectively serving your face a big ol’ glass of water, plumping and adding volume to skin cells, softening fine lines, making skin look firmer, and smoothing out even the roughest dry patches.  


Coupled with that, Donna loves the cellular renewal power of Apple Stem Cells and uses it with every patient.  This heavy hitter is potent and effective, triggering human stem cell production that results in the self-renewal of epidermal skin cells at a pace similar to that of our youth!


This makes skin very resilient, protecting skin cells from stress, delaying senescence, combating chronological aging in skin cells, assisting in building new tissue, delaying aging, and has an anti-wrinkle effect


Donna employs a variety of other potent herbal serums, addressing age spots, eczema, acne, dehydrated skin, etc.  Serums used will depend on each individual’s need.  


A chilled aloe mask is applied at the end of treatment to maximize comfort and ease the “sunburn” like feeling people experience after treatment!

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Cosmetic pricing anchor

With Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, we use fewer needles and retain them for a longer period of time, utilizing a more specific and targeted approach.


The needles used are ultra fine, smaller even than the average acupuncture needle, and are placed more precisely and deeply than in microneedling.  We are separating damaged  collagen (wrinkles, scars, blemishes) from healthy underlying tissue, so as to lift and raise up scars and wrinkles.  

 We have hundreds of acupuncture points covering are entire bodies, including our beautiful faces! This makes it such that the action of reducing a line or blemish has an impact on the health of the organ - and vice versa, treating the organ also impacts the health and appearance of the face. 

In this way, facial rejuvenation acupuncture also addresses a person’s general well-being, Qi balance, and mental state.  


Facial Acupuncture is followed up by Facial Cupping and/or Gua Sha to boost Qi (your body's vital energy) & blood circulation to the skin and muscles, move stagnant lymph and toxins, and relax tight facial muscles. 

The facial muscles are unique in that they attach directly to the skin.  This is not so in the rest of the body, where muscles connect to bone and tendons.  When we use Cupping and Gua Sha to ease the muscles, it directly results in a gentle stretching of the skin and reduction in wrinkles.


Treatments increase circulation and carries nutrients to the face give it a healthy flow, improve muscle tone, brighten complexion, reduce facial and neck wrinkles, and life sagging skin.  


All while benefitting your general health!


Like microneedling, facial acupuncture is not a quick fix solution.  The aim is to create long-term changes in the health of the skin and body, with longer lasting results.  Within two sessions, you will notice that your skin is more hydrated, plump, and radiant.  For maximum results, it’s best to do a block of 12 sessions over a 12 week period.




Facial acupuncture and microneedling synergistically work together to transform skin, making it brighter, tighter, more luminous, and erasing years off of your appearance.


Microneedling is great for:

  • Textured Skin

  • Moderating Pore Size

  • Acne Scarring & Stetch Marks

  • Pigmentation & Discoloration

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Revamping Tired Looking Skin  


Microneedling breaks down the old and misaligned collagen present in wrinkles, scars and stretch marks - and replaces it with a new smooth matrix of collagen for a dramatically improved appearance.  Lastly, the marked increase in transdermal absorption of products by up to 3000% gives the skin an unmatched opportunity for nutrition and hydration that revitalize the skin on a deeper level.   

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture [accompanied by Facial Cupping or Gua Sha] is great for:

  • Puffiness

  • Eye Puffiness

  • Sagging Skin

  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines

  • Skin Clarity and Tone


These treatments increase blood flow and thus nutrition to the face, encourages collagen growth where needles are placed, and relaxes the facial muscles to allow for a reduction in expression lines and wrinkles.  The increase in lymphatic drainage reduces puffiness, improves clarity of the skin tone, and lifts sagging skin.  

Combined, the overall results are that much more impactful!  Yet both stand alone as amazing ways to rejuvenate your appearance, health, and feel like your best self.     

Call Donna at 914.393.0105 or email to learn more or schedule your first session!


MICRONEEDLING with ACUPUNCTURE & CRANIOSACRAL THERAPYincludes apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and other serums as needed - also includes constitutional acupuncture to encourage health & beauty from the inside out, neck massage, & CST

Individual: $300*

Package of 4: $1100 [SAVE $100]

Package of 6: $1500 [SAVE $300]

Package of 8: $1800 [SAVE $600]

MICRONEEDLING a la carte includes apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and other serums as needed

Individual: $250*

Package of 4: $860 [SAVE $140]

Package of 6: $1200 [SAVE $300]

Package of 8: $1,400 [SAVE $600]

FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE - includes facial cupping and/or gua sha & constitutional acupuncture

Individual: $175*

Package of 10: $1600 [save $150]

Package of 15: $2250 [save $375]

*If you wish to purchase a package after your first treatment, the amount will be deducted from the package price.


PACKAGE #1 - recommended ages 30-40 @ 1 facial acupuncture per week / 1 microneedling a la carte per month

10 Facial Acupuncture                         

4 Micro/Nano Needling                                          $2,120  [save $630]

PACKAGE #2 - recommended ages 40-65 @ 1-2 facial acupuncture per week / 1 microneedling per month a la carte / 1  nanoneedling per month

15 Facial Acupuncture

6 Micro/Nano Needling                                        $2,970  [save $1,155]

PACKAGE #3 recommended ages 65+ @ 1-2 facial acupuncture per week / 1 microneedling per month  a la carte/ 2 nanoneedling per month

20 Facial Acupuncture

8 Micro/Nano Needling                                          $3,600  [save $1,900]





Call Donna at 914.393.0105 or email to learn more or schedule your first session!

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