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Reach for the STARS!

If you’re sitting, I ask you to straighten your back and push through your sits bones. If you’re standing up, ground down and push through your feet. In both situations, you’ll notice how much easier it is to straighten up and stand tall.

Trees can grow to be hundreds of feet tall, but only if their roots are firmly established and nourished.

We are not at our tree friends…

We all have dreams, goals we are working towards. When we establish our foundation and connect, we are in a suitable place to reach up without falling over. Rather than being vulnerable and susceptible to life’s gusts, we establish roots to anchor us and give us the ability to sway with life’s breezes, We continue growing upward and outward. Like a tree, we bend and straighten to accommodate life’s unexpected turns. For when the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind (African Proverb).

Find what it is in life that helps you feel grounded and nourish that every single day. Then reach for the damn stars and show the world your glory!

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