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Fall For Acupuncture!

Fall Equinox – a day marked by equal hours of yin (dark) and yang (light), and signifies our transition into the season of pumpkins, apple butter, and brightly colored leaves.

Yang has reached its peak and inevitably morphs into its opposite, as yin begins to prevail. Summer’s abundant crops are harvested, the days grow shorter, and the temperature drops.

In Florida, the sun continues to shine and we don’t necessary see leaves falling off of the trees, but the energetic shift is still felt and the sweltering temperatures FINALLY begin to wane. Can I get a hallelujah?!

It’s natural that your internal landscape will mirror nature’s rhythms and as such, you may find that you feel more introverted and contemplative. Consider what mindsets, activities, and relationships are not serving you in life, and just as the trees are letting go of their leaves and fruit, free yourself of anything hindering you from living your absolute truth.

It’s easy to feel off balance or even catch a cold during seasonal transitions. In order to remain in harmony and prevent illness, Chinese medicine suggests:

  1. Go to bed with the sunset and arise with the dawn. This isn’t necessarily a practical suggestion for most, but both going to bed and arising earlier will encourage your body to be more in sync with fall’s rhythms.

  2. Embrace calmness and tranquility. As the highly active yang energy of summer fades, it is time to start embracing the shift into more passive yin. Adopt rituals of meditation, evening walks, gentle yoga, and good self-care practices. This will help you gather your spirit and resources in preparation for winter.

  3. Refrain from excess sadness. It’s all about balance! We are transitioning into a less social and active time of year, which can be a difficult emotional change for some. If you feel sa

dness over-taking you, focus on gratitude and even find ways to introduce laughter into your life! Watch funny movies, spend time with friends and loved ones, and my favorite: play with puppies!

  1. Support your lungs! The Lung network, in Chinese medicine, thrives off of the cooler weather and is associated with the fall season. Keep your lungs happy by breathing in the outside air and even doing breathing exercises! The lungs are a rhythmic organ (inhale and exhale) and also thrive off routine and rhythms, so get back to your routines and support those lungs during the fall season!

Lastly, ACUPUNCTURE! Let Leafline Acupuncture & Herbs support you during this seasonal transition and help you experience your most balanced and joyful fall yet!

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