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Thankband: Track Acts of Kindness Around the World - SO COOL!

Okay guys, I am super excited about this!! Josh Gold, a wonderful human and friend of mine, has launched Thankband, an app for tracking acts of kindness as they find their way around the world. How cool, right?! A way for us to focus on the good in this world and perpetuate humanity. We are innately social beings after all! His Kickstarter is raising money by the day, check it out and be a part of the kindness!

"ThankBand combines online and offline technology to make the world a kinder (and smaller) place, one good deed at a time. Have you ever wondered how your act of kindness was paid forward to the next person and the next person and so on? With ThankBand, you can now easily track the story of a good deed’s journey as it travels around the world using a simple wristband. "

They are still in Kickstarter phase, meaning they need our help to get started! Even a contribution of $5 goes a long way! Check it out!

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