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Happy Year of the Yin Fire Rooster!

Happy Year of the Yin Fire Rooster!! This lunar year, the Rooster energy supports us in applying ourselves and committing to life's tasks with discipline and diligence. Within the Rooster lies the ability to see long term goals, and chip away at them without wavering, recognizing that there is great reward in hard work and delayed gratification! This year, it is recommended that we focus on tastefully refining our affairs - finances, relationships, health, career, and even possessions - all aspects that serve to ground ourselves in a strong and rooted position in life. As this is a Yin Fire (Yin meaning feminine and receptive, and Fire pertaining to the Heart) year, the Rooster's proclivity to tend to the roost is also emphasized. The Rooster is in service to the community, and does so by allowing the deeper Heart to lead the way. The Heart serves as a guide for creating strong foundations and boundaries in our life, helping us discern what serves us and what does not. What to let go of in our lives, and what shall we hang on to. All the while, the Heart encourages us to remain open minded, to let people in and and be tolerant of our differences, to open our hearts and share ourselves with one another. With the grace and elegance of the Fire Rooster, take charge of your life! Walk your talk, build the foundations of the life you've always dreamed of, but do so with loving kindness and tolerance of those around you.

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