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Why Apple Cider Vinegar is Your New BFF

Sound familiar?! You eat healthy all day, and come night time you want to eat everything in sight?? You find yourself raiding the kitchen for those 🍪 🍩🍭🍫that you bought a month ago that are now stale, but you need that sugar 🍬 fix, so you scarf em down anyways? Try adding a nightly regimen of warm water with apple cider vinegar (optional: pepper, lemon 🍋 , honey/maple syrup) to your routine! It will promote fullness, optimal health, and sustainable weight loss! Drinking ACV fights muscle cramps, soothes a sore throat, prevents indigestion (when consumed before a meal), clears a stuffy nose 👃 , increases metabolism, regulates blood sugar (in doing so can help reduce cravings and increase satiety), and reduces water retention! So next time you feel like reaching for that cookie/cake/jar full of nutella, try drinking an apple cider vinegar bevie instead! (PS - be sure to buy raw organic ACV with the "mother", and ideally in a glass bottle. Bragg's is a solid option, and Trader Joe's has a very affordable one, though not raw.)

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